Antifoul Best Practice

  • Select the right antifoul for your boat and location. Contact your paint supplier for more information and advice.
  • Consider more environmentally friendly paints (such as low volatile organic compound paints) and non-biocidal coatings such as silicone, vinyl or ultrasonic technologies.
  • Choose a marina, club or boatyard that has a washdown facility that captures antifoul residue. Encourage  those that do not, to collect and properly dispose of wash down residues and contaminated items.
  • Check your drains - avoid applying and removing antifoul near rainwater drains, where paint and scrapings can directly enter waterways.
  • Dust from sanding paint and antifouling coatings is toxic. Wet sand or use a vacuum sander to minimise airborne paint debris.
  • When preparing the surface and applying the paint, catch flakes and drips by placing a tarpaulin on the ground.

  • Dispose of scrapings, used brushes, trays and empty tins in a hazardous waste bin.