Invasive Species Best Practice

  • Antifoul annually to prevent invasive species attaching
  • When leaving an anchorage, remove any visible animal or plant matter and try to wash off both the anchor and chain before stowing
  • For boats kept in the water permanently, hull fouling is the main means of transfer. Regularly remove biofouling from the hull with a sponge or soft brush to prevent build up.
  • If biofouling cannot be removed by hand your boat should be lifted and scrubbed using a filtered washdown facility that captures biofouling for disposal. Choose a marina, club or boatyard that has this facility available or encourage them to install one. 
  • Remove any visible plant, fish, animal matter and mud and dispose of in general waste bins.
  • Antifoul annually to prevent invasive species attaching
  • Drain water from every part and all equipment that can hold water.

  • Avoid sailing through water plants and weed if possible. If caught up on the hull or propeller, invasive species can be transported and broken up into smaller parts helping them to transfer to another area to colonise.


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