Best Practice Antifoul

Check that your facility has permissions from the relevant environment agency (EA, SEPA, CCW or EANI) to discharge into the foul sewer or water course.

  • Invest in a closed loop washdown system to prevent hazardous toxins entering the water.
  • Educate customers on site to follow our antifouling best practice
  • When antifouling on behalf of your customer only scrub off the fouling and not the paint and select the right type of antifoul for each boat, choosing the lowest levels of biocides and copper suitable for the boat's needs       
  • Provide hazardous waste bins for the disposal of paint tins, rollers, paint brushes etc used in the application of antifoul.
  • Offer your customers a choice of antifoul paint including any less harmful options.
  • Check out The Green Directory for alternative products and technologies.

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