Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) aim to ensure that a company or organisation is compliant with its Environmental Policy and, as a minimum, complies with relevant national and international legislation. Whether a company has a formal EMS or not, any organisation that is serious about its environmental performance should have an environmental policy which defines their intentions and sets out a framework for achieving them.

The most common formal EM systems are given below and linked to more information about each type.

Each business in the recreational boating sector will differ and whilst some aspects are generic to all organisations some will be relevant only to a particular activity. There are however identifiable steps that can be taken in the development of an environmental management system. These are PLAN, DO, CHECK, REVIEW.

The Green Blue recommends that companies:

  • Identify the effects that the business has on the environment
  • Identify which aspects of the business's activities are affected by legislation
  • Develop an environmental policy
  • Identify ways in which improved environmental management and good practice can improve environmental performance (and  make good business sense) and develop objectives and targets to meet these
  • Monitor and measure performance
  • Review performance against targets and take corrective action if necessary


Environmental Legal Register

The Green Blue launched its Environmental Legal Register for Marinas in 2010 with the help of British Marine member Blake Morgan.

The purpose of the legal register is to record all environmental legislation that may be directly or indirectly applicable to a marina`s operations and activities. It provides the means by which a marina can demonstrate compliance with environmental law and will also satisfy the requirements of an environmental management system such as those below as well as industry specific schemes such as The Yacht Harbour Association Gold Anchor accreditation.

The register is only available to British Marine members.

For your copy of the Environmental Legal Register for Marinas, please email The Green Blue at info@thegreenblue.org.uk.



 Environmental Legal Register for England and Wales    Environmental Legal Register for Marinas
Download a Sample Copy of The Legal Register for England and Wales   Download a Sample Copy of The Legal Register for Scotland & N.Ireland