Recycle - Save Money

Why recycle?

On 30 October 2007, regulations came into force requiring anyone who produces waste to pre-treat it before sending it to landfill. This means that many contractors will charge an additional fee to pre-treat your waste, unless you do it yourself. Separating some of your general waste for reuse or recycling is an acceptable form of pre-treatment and you will not need to pay for this service from your waste contractor.

Another financial factor to take into account is the rising cost of landfill tax. The UK dumps more household waste into landfill than any other EU state and at the current rate, we’ll run out of landfill space by 2016. So the government is raising Landfill Tax over the next few years to encourage us to recycle more. Since 2007, Landfill Tax has risen by £8 per tonne per year. When it comes to environmental issues, there are plenty of good reasons to get recycling. The real cost of waste has been likened to an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg (the only bit that we see) is the rubbish that we throw away; however the real cost of waste is seen below the surface when we look at the energy used to extract the raw materials, ship them to a factory where they are turned into products and then shipped around the world to ports, depots, shops and finally our businesses where we use the goods before throwing them away.

As waste decomposes in landfill it does so under anaerobic conditions which causes methane gas to be produced. Methane is a greenhouse gas and is 24 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in terms of climate change.

There is also an emerging demand from customers and berth holders for recycling facilities at marinas and quays. Most people are used to recycling at home and now do the same on board. By implementing a recycling scheme you can not only save money, but also gain a competitive edge and good customer relations.