Best Practice Recycle

Recycle -Save Money       

  • Look at your waste contract and see what you are paying for
  • Carry out a waste analysis to see what your business produces
  • Identify which waste streams you would like to recycle
  • Look at different contractors in your area, organise site meetings, discuss which waste streams can be recycled, costs, number of weekly lifts and remember to negotiate!
  • Identify appropriate location(s) for the recycling and landfill bins
  • Design good signage
  • Train staff and notify users of the new scheme. Explain the reasons and ask your customers to get involved
  • Monitor. Take a peek inside your bins and ask the contractor for feedback on contamination
  • Contact The Green Blue if you require help in setting up a scheme or negotiating your contract. Sometimes you may not need to reach the end of a contract in order to secure a better one

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