Best Practice Invasive Species

  • When recovering a trailer, dinghy, PWC or RIB, drain water from every part of the boat and all equipment that can hold water
  • Clean all parts of the boat, trailer and equipment that come into contact with the water before leaving the water catchment area.  Remove any visible plant, fish, animal matter and mud
  • Dispose of any plant and animal materials in a dustbin or skip
  • For boats kept in the water permanently, hull fouling is the main means of transfer. Get hulls cleaned regularly to avoid the risk of spreading and apply adequate antifouling.
  • Avoid sailing through water plants and weed if possible.  If caught up on the hull or propeller, invasive species can be transferred to another area. 
  • Risks of acquiring invasive hitchhikers on the boat increase the longer the boat is kept in the water.  Only keep the boat in the water when it is needed
  • When leaving an anchorage, wash off both the anchor and chain before stowing
  • Report any suspicions on invasive species sightings to Food and Environment Agency

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