Save Energy - Save Money

It makes sound financial and environmental sense to reduce consumption and cut emissions as much as possible. By introducing a few simple, low cost energy saving measures, you could save as much as 20% on your energy bill. Just think what resource you could buy for your facility with that saving.

The first step in managing energy use is to conduct a site audit and identify where energy is being used and possibly wasted. This does not need to be done by an expert and can be conducted fairly quickly depending on the size of your site. However free advice is available from The Green Blue and we have dedicated staff who would be pleased to help you with this.

Once sources of energy consumption have been identified, an energy saving plan can be drawn up and measures can be put in place to reduce energy usage. The most obvious sources of energy use will be lighting and heating but clubs and training centres could also be using energy to power refrigeration units, showers, hand and hairdryers, vending machines, air conditioning, kitchen and office equipment. Many facilities will also have power available outside for maintenance activities.

It is helpful to conduct a site audit at least twice a year so that seasonal differences can be taken into account – e.g. if you conduct an audit in summer, you may not notice if winter heating controls are set incorrectly.

It is also prudent to monitor your meter readings and energy bills so that any steep increases in energy use will be spotted. If the heating controls are set incorrectly for example, heating may come on at night when club buildings are empty, but this would not necessarily be noticed unless someone is monitoring the bills/meter.