Best Practice Greening Events

Follow our best practice guidance to help you run greener events and regattas

Pre event

  • Decide which issues you would like to tackle and get support from the committee
  • Develop an Event Code of Conduct for your club so that all events can be as sustainable as possible
  • Use internet and email as much as possible for pre race communications
  • Include environmental points or even a Code of Conduct in the sailing instructions
  • Remind competitors about ISAF's Rule 55   
  • Use FSC accredited paper for any printing requirements
  • Print double sided and in black and white whenever possible
  • Source locally produced food and drinks
  • Try and source products with minimal packaging or packaging that can be easily recycled
  • Ask outside caterers to supply food in recyclable containers
  • Provide good additional recycling and waste disposal facilities with good signage for larger events
  • Ask for volunteers to do litter picks   
  • Install rainwater harvesting equipment so that boats can be washed down without using treated water   
  • Source recyclable bow stickers
  • Work towards BS8901 Standard for Sustainable Events
  • Read Guidance for Organisers of Powerboat Racing

At the event

  • Brief competitors, race officials and volunteers about the environmental features of your event so that everyone knows what you are trying to achieve and will cooperate. Ensure there are plenty of visual reminders on the day about recycling waste, refilling water bottles etc
  • Avoid using disposable cups and plates. Or if not possible ensure they are recyclable and that recycling facilities exist
  • Provide reusable water bottles to prevent use of plastic cups or bottles and provide clear signage to direct people to where they can refill them with drinkable water.
  • Ensure safety boats (including those borrowed from other clubs) follow the best practice measures on our RIB checklist
  • Ensure any vinyl bow stickers are correctly applied by competitors to prevent coming loose in the water

The competitors

  • Ask competitors to wash down their boats before arriving at and leaving your site to reduce the spread of marine non-native species from one location to another
  • Encourage competitors to use your harvested rainwater for boat washdown.
  • Encourage competitors to recycle waste
  • Encourage the use of reusable water bottles
  • Ensure there are sufficient facilities to dispose of hazardous waste   
  • Encourage competitors to use low phosphate/environmentally friendly cleaners

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