Educational Activities

Activity Swatch Cards and Pocket Cards

Swatch cards with quiz questions and fun five minute fillers for young boaters, and coastal and inland pocket cards for use on RYA courses including RYA Inland Crew and Helmsman and Competent Crew through to RYA Yachtmaster. 

Activity Swatch Cards
Instructor Pocket Cards 


Onshore Educational Activities

Ten interactive and informative activities for instructors and group leaders to engage participants and promote sustainable boating. Download an activity and deliver it to your cadets, youth group, visiting schools or even during a youth/family regatta. 

Click here to view online worksheets or click the PDF below to print.


Marine CSI 

A stand alone activity for sailing clubs/centres and organisations to run during sailing regattas, youth events or a cadet evening. Participants get to become detectives and solve four environmental boating incidents by unscrambling puzzles, performing water quality tests and fingerprint analysis to identify the culprits.

All equipment and guidance needed to deliver this activity is provided by The Green Blue. To book your Marine CSI loan box please contact

Marine CSI 


Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition Aim Guides

Inland Water Quality Testing Cover
Inland Litter Survey Cover
Inland Sustainable Boating Survey Cover
Invertebrate Sampling Cover 
 Coastal Litter Survey Cover  Coastal Boating Survey Cover    

Environment and Boating Scout Programme

Scout Leader Guide Cover   Scout Booklet Cover

If you require any further information on any of the educational activities or would like to request hard copies please contact Kate Fortnam at or on 012380 604227.