Pump Out Directory

It is well known that the disposal of sewage from boats on the inland waterways is prohibited by law and the navigation authorities require that sea toilets are sealed. However, on small craft (less than 15 passengers) sewage disposal on our coastal waters is usually left to individual judgement (NB. check local regulations or byelaws) and very often holding tanks are either not fitted or not used.

In order to assist and encourage recreational boaters to locate and use pump-out facilities within the UK, The Green Blue has compiled a list of pump out facilities divided into regions, giving the location and contact details. The word documents bellows lists all pump out stations The Green Blue is aware of. If you spot any gaps please let us know and we'll add the details in.

Email info@thegreenblue.org.uk

Pump Out Coastal

Pump Out Inland

Remember if you don't have a holding tank only empty the heads 3 miles offshore or try to use onshore facilities.

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