Strategies, Consultations, Frameworks and Surveys

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1149 Marine and Coastal Access Bill Policy Document. (DEFRA) 2009 DEFRA
1150 Marine and Coastal Access Bill: Individual Factsheet. (DEFRA) 2009 DEFRA
1151 Marine and Coastal Access Bill: Industry Factsheet. (DEFRA) 2009 DEFRA
1251 Watersports and Leisure Participation Survey 2009. (BMF, MCA, RNLI and RYA) 2009 MCA Research Project 608
1006 A strategy for promoting an integrated approach to the management of coastal areas in England. (DEFRA) 2009 DEFRA
1156 Marine Strategy Framework Directive – FAQs. (ANON) 2008  
1157 Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC. (The European Parliament and the EU) 2008 Official Journal of the European Union
1158 Marine Strategy Framework Directive: An Introduction. (DEFRA) 2008 DEFRA
1250 Watersports and Leisure Participation Survey 2008. (BMF, MCA, RNLI and RYA) 2008 MCA Research Project 608
1249 Watersports and Leisure Participation Survey 2007. (BMF, MCA, RNLI and RYA) 2007 MCA Research Project 548
1027 Assessment of Coastal Recreational Activity and Capacity for Increased Boating in Cork Harbour. (Kopke K., O'Mahony C., Cummins V. and Gault J.) 2006 Coastal and Marine Resources Centre,

ERI, University College Cork
1228 Summary of the environmental interactions of the recreational boating sector and key data gaps. (ABP Marine Environmental Research) 2006 ABPmer for The Green Blue
1248 Watersports and Leisure Participation Survey 2006. (BMF, MCA, RNLI and RYA) 2006 MCA Research Project 548
1047 Charting Progress: An Integrated Assessment of the State of UK Seas. (DEFRA) 2005 DEFRA
1139 Loch Leven National Nature Reserve: report on a consultation on proposed local access guidance 2005 Scottish National Heritage
1224 Save the North Sea 2005 Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation; Sweden
1247 Watersports and Leisure Participation Survey 2005 2005 MCA Research Project 548
1040 Boating for life: RYA planning and environmental strategy for sustainable boating (2004-2009) 2004 Royal Yachting Association
1041 Broads Plan 2004: 5-year Action Plan 2004 Broads Authority 
1143 Managing Coastal Activities: a guide for local authorities. (DEFRA) 2004 DEFRA
1229 Sustainable Development: EA Position Statement. (Environment Agency) 2004 Environment Agency
1237 The EU Water Framework Directive: Why is it important to the recreational boating industry? (BMF and RYA) 2004 Royal Yachting Association and British Marine Federation
1245 UK National Marine Monitoring Programme - second report 1999-2001. (Marine Environment Monitoring Group) 2004 CEFAS
1072 Developing River Conservation Strategies: Model Guidance for Special Areas of Conservation. (Cathcart, R) 2003 English Nature
1075 Dredging Inland Waterways: the environmental and financial consequences of implementing EU Directives into UK law. (Smith, NA and Beckwith, PR) 2003 British Waterways
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1182 Options for Marine Leisure Development in Waterford Estuary. (Brady Shipman Martin, Fitzpartick Associates and Kirk McClure Morton) 2001 The Marine Institute
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1111 Global strategies for marine environmental  protection. (GESAMP (IMO/FAO/UNESCO/WHO/WHO/IAEA/UN/UNEP)) 1991 GESAMP Reports and Studies No. 45