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1377 Loch Lomond: Man's Effects on the Salmonid Community 2011 Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, 29:(6) 849-860, 10.1139/f72-128 Link
1376 Determining the Meaning of ‘Disturbance’ for European Protected Species 2011 Plymouth Law School, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK
1375 Are Speed Restriction Zones an effective management tool for minimising impacts of boats on dolphins in an Australian marine park? 2011 Marine Mammal Research Group, Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University, Sydney
1374 Swimmming with an Endemic and Endangered Species: Effects of Tourism on Hector's Dolphins In Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand 2011 Tourism Review International, Volume 14, Number 2 , pp. 99-115(17) Link


Reducing Disturbances to Marine Mammals by

Kayakers in the Monterey Bay


Master's Theses.

Paper 3931. San Jose State University

1290 Harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) conservation management: A dimensional approach. (Jenkins R. E., Brown R. D. H., Phillips M. R.) 2009 Marine Policy 33 (5) pp. 744-749 Link
1326 The impact of recreational boat traffic on Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus marmoratus) (Bellefleur D., Lee P. And Ronconi R. A.) 2009 Journal of Environmental Management

 90 (1) pp. 531-538
1046 Characteristics of an urban fish assemblage: Distribution of fish associated with coastal marinas. (Clynick B G) 2008 Marine Environmental Research 65 pp. 18–33
1234 The effects of noise disturbance from various recreational boating activities common to inland waters on the cardiac physiology of a freshwater fish, the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) (Graham A. L. & Cooke S. J) 2008 Aquatic Conservation: Marine Freshwater Ecosystems  18, pp. 1315–1324
1294 Impacts of recreational boating on the marine environment of Cap de Creus (Mediterranean Sea) (Lloret J., Zaragoza N., Caballero D. and Riera V.) 2008 Ocean & Coastal Management

 51 (11) pp. 749-754    (saved)
1073 Disturbance to waterbirds wintering  in the Stour-Orwell estuaries SPA. (Ravenscroft N., Parker B., Vonk R., Wright M.) 2007 Stour and Orwell Estuaries Management Group
1276 Effects of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Toxicity of Copper to the Developing Embryos of the Pacific Oyster, Crassostrea gigas. (Brooks S., Bolam T., Tolhurst L., Bassett J., LaRoche J., Waldock M., Barry J., Thomas K.) 2007 Environmental toxicology and chemistry / SETAC, 26 (8), p.1756-1763 Link
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 8, pp. 449-464
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1045 Characterisation of European Marine Sites: Essex Estuaries European Marine Site. (Chesman, B.S., Burt, G.R. and Langston, W.J.) 2006 Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom Occasinal Publication 17 p.198
1058 Coastal and Marine Resource Atlas. (Anon) 2006 MCA Research Project  517
1185 Patterns of occurrence of grazing molluscs on sandstone and concrete seawalls in Sydney Harbour -Australia. (Moreira J.) 2006 Molluscan Research 26(1) pp.51–60
1320 Ship noise and cortisol secretion in European freshwater fishes. (Wysocki L. E., Dittami J. P. and Ladich F.) 2006 Biological Conservation

 128 (4) pp. 501-508
1070 Demand for outdoor recreation in the English National Parks. (Countryside Agency) 2005 Countryside Agency
1080 Ecological Status Report: results from the CPR survey 2005/2006 - Monitoring the health of the oceans using planktonic indicators. (Edwards, M., Johns, D.G. , Licandro, P., John, A.W.G. and Stevens, D. P.) 2005 SAHFOS Technical Report 4 p.1-8.
1081 Effects of pier shading on littoral zone habitat and communities in Lakes Ripley and Rock, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. (Garrison, PJ, Marshall, DW, Stremick-Thompson, L, Cicero, PL and Dearlove, PD) 2005 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
1104 Extending the generality of ecological models to artificial floating habitats. (Cole V. J., Glasby T. M., and Holloway M. G.) 2005 Marine Environmental Research 60 pp. 195–210
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1146 Managing Personal Watercraft. (ANON) 2004  
1176 North West Conservation, Access and Recreation Report 2003/4 - making conservation and recreation happen in the North West UK. (Environment Agency & English Nature) 2004 Environment Agency & English Nature
1213 Reducing disturbance to winter waterfowl. (English Nature) 2004 Broads Authority and English Nature
1219 River sediments and habitats and the impacts of maintenance operations and capital works. (HR Wallingford) 2004 Defra / Environment Agency
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1159 Measurements of underwater noise during piling at the Red Funnel Terminal, Southampton, and observations of its effect on caged fish. (Nedwell J., Turnpenny A., Langworthy J. and Edwards B.) 2003  
1489 A Coded List of Freshwater Algae of the British Isles. Second Edition 2003 CEH, Cambridgeshire
1161 Memorandum of Understanding. (Canoe England and English Nature) 2003 Canoe England and English Nature
1044 Centre for Aquatic Plant Management: Annual Report Summary 2002. (ANON) 2002 Centre for Aquatic Plant Management
1147 Managing Visitor Use & Disturbance of Waterbirds – A Literature Review of Impacts and Mitigation Measures – Prepared for Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. (DeLong, A.K.) 2002 Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge
1254 Why do floating structures create novel habitats for subtidal epibiota? (Holloway M. G. and Connell S. D.) 2002 Marine Ecology Progress Series 235 pp. 43–52
1356 Viewing Marine Mammals in the Wild:

Responsible Guidelines and Regulations

for Minimizing Disturbance
2001 14th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals
1023 Assemblages of animals around urban structures: testing hypotheses of patterns in sediments under boat-mooring pontoons. (Lindegarth M.) 2001 Marine Environmental Research 51 pp. 289-300
1102 Evaluation of the Use of Grid Platforms to Minimise Shading Impacts to Seagrasses. (Wetlands Regulatory Assistance Program) 2001 Wetlands Regulatory Assistance Program, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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1002 A limited study of boat anchor disturbance and the need for installation of moorings in central California. (Ruiz, JC) 2000 Californian Divers
1003 A Review of the effect of recreational interactions within UK European marine sites. (Saunders C., Selwyn J., Richardson S., May V., Heeps C.) 2000 UK CEED Marine
1076 Dredging: the environmental facts - where to find what you need to know 2000 PIANC ENVICOM
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1177 Notes from a Green & Blue boat, Despatch 1: UK reflections. (Outen S.)    
1178 Notes from a Green & Blue boat. Despatch #2: A Land-lubbing post-ocean note from the other side    
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1217 Resuspension of Sediments by Watercraft Operated in Shallow Water Habitats of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. (Ailstock, MS, Hornor, SG, Norman, CM and Davids, EM)    
1221 Riverbank protection works: a guide for riparian landowners. (Broads Authority)   Broads Authority
1225 Sea Wise Code: for wildlife for you. (Countryside Council for Wales)